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David Bosselmann 


David Bosselmann, Penny's soul mate, husband and best friend made a decision to write her biography at her Memorial Service on January 19, 2008 as a way of honoring her. He had no idea it would lead him on paths of discovery, healing and ultimate transformation. David retired from his financial planning practice in December 2010. He is an avid runner, hiker, kayaker, bird rsecuer and nature enthusiast. He currently resides in Deephaven, Minnesota and Tucson, Arizona.

Barbara Krause


Barbara Krause has been involved with storytelling, both oral and written for the last ten years. She began shaping and ghostwriting nonfiction works six years ago. A passion for becoming one with her client's voice, she is moved intuitively to seek creative and unusual storyboards. With sense and sensibility, she enhances meaningful writing with interviews and research. Well told stories bring about laughter and tears, the unforgettable pearls of a reader's collection.



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