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Tribute of Twin Cities Man Honors Wife’s Memory and Her Wisdom

(Deephaven, MN) When all labels are stripped away, what is left? David Bosselmann wants people to know the heart of his soul mate, best friend, and wife, Penny Walker Bosselmann. The new book, Penroe: In another field without time (KM2 Publishers, Northfield MN; December, 2014, $15), is a tribute that honors her life, her writing, and their relationship, hallmarks of a touching love story, Yet, the narrative is more complex. Penny’s voice, personality, philosophy, and humor come to life through selections taken from personal diaries, journal writings and six notebooks. A nature mystic, she boldly lives the gnawing questions of life: the death of her father, her own aneurysm, a battle with cancer. Repeatedly coming face-to-face with mortality, her authenticity speaks, leaving a legacy of beauty and wisdom.

Penny died of ovarian cancer in 2008. She was 72. Penroe: In another field without time is a captivating fusion of biography, poetry, and memoir. Artistic layouts and pictures echo Penny’s mystical spirit and complement the symbolism in her writing. Creative voices continue the nature mystic theme.


The poem below appears in the book’s introduction.


Pearls falling everywhere,

more than a king’s ransom

on the grass

and loud as the voices

of his court

and it’s a good thing.

Trees behind the house,

as hungry as we are

for bread.

Roots opening beneath me,

I hear them humming.

These low grey clouds

run across the sky

clapping their hands

and all is changed as though a child had been born.


September 20, 2004



Beyond Penny & David’s Love Story


Penny and David met at St. Luke Presbyterian Church in Deephaven, Minnesota, in 1982. At the time, Penny was working as a dance therapist at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis and David was the head of an investment advisory firm. Penny, who had been divorced for nearly seven years, and David, who was just beginning the divorce process, had similar values. They also enjoyed music, nature, and the wisdom of animals.


“Penny had the capacity to connect emotionally. She was open and she was interested,” said David, who immediately sensed that Penny was someone special. “We loved to hang out together.” The couple’s favorite activities were hiking together at Carver Park, visiting the shops of Wayzata or Excelsior on Saturday mornings, and taking trips to the North Shore along Lake Superior. “Penny would often write about our excursions in her journal.” They married in 1985.

Unfortunately, the euphoria they had found with each other was not destined to last. In spring of 1999, Penny learned that she had ovarian cancer. “After Penny received her diagnosis, we bought a modest home in Sarasota County, Florida, that became our sanctuary from her illness,” said David, smiling fondly as he looked at an early picture of Penny running on Siesta Key Beach. Although Penny maintained a positive attitude and worked with both traditional and alternative healing methods to halt her cancer, she succumbed to the disease in late December, 2007. She was 72.


At Penny’s memorial service of January 19, 2008, David made the decision to write a book about her life. In reality, the book would take nearly seven years in the making. It took over a year before David felt strong enough to begin gathering information. “I spent a lot of time tracking down and interviewing people who were close to Penny throughout her lifetime. Emails, phone and in-person interviews, and road trips to Forrest, Illinois, kept me busy.”


After writing eight chapters for an audience of family and friends, David began his search for an editor—no small task. Although he interviewed several credentialed people, he was not satisfied. “Then one of my good friends introduced me to Barbara Krause of Making Words Work! After talking with her, I sensed a strong interest and positive chemistry. Intuition told me that Barbara would be the perfect person for the project.” Some months into the client partnership, Barbara asked to read some of Penny’s writings. “I went home to search for a notebook and, to my surprise, discovered six spiral notebooks full of poetry and journal entries," said David. Additionally, he found personal diaries. Believing Penny’s writings to be a gift, Barbara envisioned

a much broader audience and began reshaping and ghostwriting David’s original manuscript. Woven into the text, Penny’s writings, quotes and researched information add depth, style, and humor. Poems by some of Penny’s favorite writers, Mary Oliver and T.S.Eliot, add richness to the narrative. “Penny and I never met, yet after reading her poems and journals, I feel like I really know her well,” said Barbara, who truly feels that Penny’s poems will touch the hearts of individual readers. “David’s book is like finding a special friend. When readers give themselves permission to step out of their busy schedules and spend time with Penny’s writings, they will be inspired. Beauty will take on new meaning,” she concluded. David’s goal for Penroe: In another field without time is to honor Penny, her work, and authenticity. “I want people to feel encouraged, rather than alone, when dealing with life’s ‘rough patches’ as Penny would say.


Divorce, cancer, and grief, my personal rough patches, were eased by nature’s beauty, Penny’s words, and memories of our relationship. We were a country of two,” said David, who acknowledges that writing the book has helped him deal with his grief.


Copies of Penroe: In another field without time are available for purchase on the website,

The book retails for $15.





David Bosselmann, Penny’s soul mate, husband and best friend made a decision to write her biography at her Memorial Service on January 19, 2008 as a way of honoring her. He had no idea it would lead him on paths of discovery, healing and ultimate transformation. David retired from his financial planning practice in December, 2010. He is an avid runner, hiker, kayaker, bird rescuer and nature enthusiast. He currently resides in Deephaven, Minnesota and Tucson, Arizona.


Barbara Krause, of Northfield, Minnesota, has been involved with storytelling, both oral and written, for the last ten years. Penroe: In another field without time is the fourth book in which she has partnered with an author through her business. She enjoys the unique challenges and ultimate gratification posed by each project. Passionate about writing, she is moved intuitively to seek creative and unusual storyboards. Well told stories bring about laughter and tears, the unforgettable pearls of a reader’s collection. Barbara can be reached at: or by email at


Title: PENROE: In another field without time

Authors: David Bosselmann with Barbara Krause

ISBN: 978-0-9909654-0-4

Book size: 6” x 9”

Pages: 200

Launch Date: Dec. 4, 2014

Copyright: 2015

Retail price: $15

Category: Biography/Poetry/Spirituality/Memoir

Publisher: KM2 Northfield, MN

Publicist: Rachel M. Anderson

RMA Publicity

(952) 240-2513

Penny Bosselmann

David Bosselmann

Barbara Krause

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