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Penny lived deeply. She had no interest in superficial friendships and almost no interest in travel except to places in nature where she and David vacationed. Her interest was to travel inward rather than outward. She was very interested in exploring spirituality and the mystery of life.


Early in his relationship with Penny, David realized she was a sage. A minister friend who knew her well commented, “Penny is very wise.”


In living with and loving Penny deeply for over twenty-five years, David learned from and came to greatly appreciate her wisdom. Penny's Pearls appear on the introductory pages of the book.

"Connect deeply with people. Go to nature and your Higher Power, and they will speak directly to you. 

Love life because love is magical."





"Be present as much as possible to all that is happening. Notice the subtle beauty all around you; delight in and appreciate it.

Work to protect it."





"Engage in all that you find nurturing. 

But don’t over-engage. Keep your boundaries."





"Laugh. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at life

and try to make others laugh."





"Don’t expect to find clear answers to the big questions about life. 

Be content with the mysteries, live the questions."

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